GW1 Issue 115 – Copious Quantities of Comic-Con

It’s our monthly Malted Meeple issue and our buddy Marcus Calvert decided to join us. By now you’ve heard (and seen) a lot of what came out of Comic-Con International (aka San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC), but we want to make sure you know about some of the cool stuff that was a bit more under the radar. Sure, we have details about the big Marvel and DC properties, but we also have some TV and comicbook news you might have missed. Listen now!    Continue reading

She Geek Critique – All the Things

Unless you live under a rock (or were vacationing there for the weekend), you know that Comic-Con International (aka San Diego Comic-Con aka SDCC) took place last weekend. It stopped being a true comic convention years ago and is now a pop culture and media convention. Of course, a lot of today’s pop culture is based on comicbook properties, so there’s a full circle thing going on anyway. The fact remains: SDCC is the grand-daddy of comic cons and it’s now where Hollywood lets loose with the vast majority of announcements and surprises for the year in pop culture to come.  Continue reading

GW1 Issue 112 – Web-Slingers & Hot Aunts

Another summer blockbuster opened last weekend, so we’ve got your spoiler-filled review. Yes, another Spider-Man movie is out… is it worth seeing? Is it an improvement on the past ones? Is Holland a better web-slinger than Maguire or Garfield? We talk about all of that and more! Plus there were a few new Comic-Con panel and appearance announcements, Disney’s big con is coming up this weekend and, unfortunately, there were a couple of losses over the past week that we want to mention. Listen now!   Continue reading

GW1 Issue 111 – Prepping for Comic Con

A lot of media companies have confirmed their presence at Comic-Con International (better known as San Diego Comic Con) and panel schedules are taking shape. So we’re talking about the properties that are big enough to get some time at the con and the huge ones that warrant a place in Hall H. But, of course, we have plenty of geek chat and news to hit first. Listen now!   Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Blog-MDMYes, it’s once again that time of the year when geeks gather together in California (or on the internet) for the latest and greatest rumors, releases and news. That’s right, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) took place last weekend and, as usual, some long awaited trailers were released and there were a few surprises along the way. Here are some of the things I paid attention to (with links so you can check things out, of course). Continue reading

Comic-Con Cross-Over with We Be Geeks

WBG-GW1 ComboWe have another great special edition for you. This time it’s a cross-over issue with our sister show We Be Geeks. Kylan, Ken and Dawn chat with the guys about all things San Diego Comic-Con – what impressed us, surprised us and disappointed us. Plus, you know there’s going to be some fun at someone’s expense and this time around, let’s just say Kylan isn’t exactly a fan of a certain actor who’s set to play his favorite mutant. Listen to the special edition now!

We plan on having more cross-over issues with We Be Geeks in the near future. And you can catch Kylan every week on Mighty Marvel Geeks, with co-hosts Mike (from We Be Geeks) and Eric.