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Best Geeky Finds – Domo Arigato…

I have always been a fan of stories featuring unreliable narrators. To Kill a Mockingbird. “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space” from the X-files. And now, Mr. Robot.

So who is Mr. Robot? I won’t say (spoilers!). I will say it could be Elliot (Rami Malek), a socially awkward, clinically depressed computer hacker. It could be the strange man in a computer shop jacket (Christian Slater) who confronts Elliot on the subway about his plan to destroy E(vil) Corp. It could be any one of the “fsociety” hackers who start a spiral of attacks on Evil Corp and every person’s account in debt to the company. Mr. Robot could be anybody we meet in the first season of Mr. RobotContinue reading Best Geeky Finds – Domo Arigato…

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Creepy Tech

Blog-MDMAs it’s the beginning of Hallowe’en month, it seems appropriate to talk a bit about the horror genre. I’m not into the hack and slash variety (they bore me with bad storytelling and repetitive, unrealistic effects) and anything overtly fake is just tedious to sit through. I prefer the more real world paranormal movies and shows, the creepy things that make your skin crawl. And I find one of the most overlooked (but, thankfully, increasingly popular) branches of the genre is tech horror.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Creepy Tech

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Low Tech, No Tech

Blog-MDMWe just spent a weekend in the wilds on southeast Ohio. The great outdoors and all that crap. (I should probably have prefaced this by saying I am not a fan of the outdoors.) But it was quiet and peaceful (when I could get away from people). The biggest thing to get used to though was going low tech. Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Low Tech, No Tech