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GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

We’ve seen the mid-season finale of Vikings and there’s so much to talk about! We recap what’s been going on in the show and where we think the story is heading. But first, Kylan and Dawn let us know how things went at the reading festival and we share some news about the upcoming Oddmall. Plus there are some tidbits from the geek entertainment world that you may have missed over the past week, so we’ve got you covered. Listen now!   Continue reading GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

Best Geeky Finds – Are We Not Men? Maybe Not

As we near the end of the year I’ve been in a bit of a holiday slump, not feeling like doing much but sleeping and watching television. Not a great few weeks. One good thing about that though is that it has allowed me to catch up on some shows I hadn’t gotten to watch previously. One such show I binge-watched this week was WestworldContinue reading Best Geeky Finds – Are We Not Men? Maybe Not

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Creepy Tech

Blog-MDMAs it’s the beginning of Hallowe’en month, it seems appropriate to talk a bit about the horror genre. I’m not into the hack and slash variety (they bore me with bad storytelling and repetitive, unrealistic effects) and anything overtly fake is just tedious to sit through. I prefer the more real world paranormal movies and shows, the creepy things that make your skin crawl. And I find one of the most overlooked (but, thankfully, increasingly popular) branches of the genre is tech horror.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Creepy Tech