Comics Cosmos – Mutant Pryde

With the announcement last week that Kitty Pryde and Colossus will be getting married in an upcoming issue of X-Men Gold, it seems like a good time for some background on one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants. Yes, I’m talking about Kitty, not Colossus. Because she was pretty much a kid when she first joined the X-Men, she hasn’t always been given a fair shake as the formidable character she is.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Mutant Pryde

She Geek Critique – Spinning Around

If you’re a fan of Supernatural, you know that the much anticipated spinoff Wayward Sisters is on its way. And last week, they gave viewers a “back door” pilot episode focusing on the female hunters saving Sam and Dean. It was a good episode and did a great job of introducing the spinoff. It got me thinking about spinoffs in general and what works when sending them off on their own.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Spinning Around

Best Geeky Finds – Brother Can You Spare a Minion?

I find myself on occasion speaking in tongues when nobody is listening. Maybe sometimes when people are listening also, but that’s usually intentional because I’m intentionally speaking Minionese. For those who are not quite as hip to strange children’s animated movies, that is the language the small yellow creatures in Despicable Me speak (at least according to closed captioning).  Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Brother Can You Spare a Minion?

Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind

The other day I was reminded of probably the most unusual lesson I had ever been taught in my entire life. By this point I was in my mid-20s and had been studying the martial arts for about 10 years. In that time, I had never learned how to deliver a proper sidekick. It always came out ugly and threw me off balance. I hated this because I loved kicking! I would throw roundhouse, front and back kicks all day long. My crescent kick was decent, but I hated that evil sidekick. But all of that changed with a horse ride through the woods.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind

Playing Around – Things That Go Bump

If you want to find some creative new games, browsing around through Kickstarter is a good start. A fun, family-friendly card game that just began a campaign is Noises At Night by B & B Games Studio. Taking only 15 minutes to play, it’s a good way for 2-4 players (ages 6 and up) to have a little fun playing detective.  Continue reading Playing Around – Things That Go Bump