Special Guest Post – Survive the Horde Kickstarter

GW1-blog-guestA couple months ago (back in Issue 67), we had some Gen Con coverage that included an interview with Evan Johnson, the creator of Survive the Horde Party Game. At the time, he was giving people a tease of the game before it even hit Kickstarter. Well, the time has come and the Kickstarter is now live, so we thought we’d have Evan provide a follow up and give more details about the game.  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – Lucifer

ccThe second season of Lucifer started a couple weeks ago on Fox. For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a crime drama with a twist. The main character is Lucifer Morningstar – THE Lucifer. He’s gotten tired of Hell and has come to Earth, Los Angeles to be more specific, to encourage the human race to indulge their passions. He runs a piano bar, has a demon right hand woman and helps the LAPD catch criminals… in his own unique way.  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Here’s to the Bad Guys

Blog-MDMIf you follow my blog or twitter, or regularly listen to one of my podcasts, it should come as no surprise that I like villains. It’s just one of those things – some people side with the good guys and others side with the bad. I find them to be more interesting characters across the board. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Once Upon a Time….

Blog-BGFFor ages, old people have told stories to entertain and keep tales of old alive. Many writers and editors such as the Grimm brothers or Hans Christian Anderson carried on old tales they collected so generations in the future, like ourselves, could remember these tales (and, in turn, watch them as Disney movies).  Continue reading

Meeple Moments – Game of the Month: Cosmic Encounter

mmlogoOccasionally we feature a post from our friends at The Malted Meeple. Their Game of the Month series highlights one of the many games in their libraries at Ravenwood Castle and The Malted Meeple. They briefly describe the game, how to play it, and why they like it.

Game: Cosmic Encounter  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – When Gods Roam the Earth

ccIf you prefer your comics to be less superhero and more fantasy, you might want to take a look at The Wicked + The Divine. From Image Comics, this dark, contemporary fantasy series is written by Kieron Gillen, with art by Jamie McKelvie. It follows a group of people, known as The Pantheon, who are reincarnated deities walking the earth. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Lindsey Stirling is Certainly Brave Enough

Blog-BGFWhen I was a kid I was exposed to a multitude of different music, often artists my classmates had never heard of. I would mention attending a Pete Seeger concert and, if I was lucky, I would get corrected “Bob Seger.” As a result, in high school I was confused when, at a school show choir concert, a student came on stage with an electric fiddle. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that a fiddle was incorporated into the piece, but that not only did an electric fiddle exist, but that somebody my age played one. Now of course, she didn’t simply just play the fiddle. She was a violinist. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Reboots Aren’t Just for TV and Movies Anymore

Blog-IIA few years ago, Kevin Smith penned a reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man called The Bionic Man. It had many of the things that I loved about the iconic show, but it also was updated for the  21st century (as a matter of fact, I think he was upped to six billion dollars). Nanotech was introduced as well as some abilities that Steve Austin did not have in the original series, things I felt worked. Not long after The Bionic Woman followed with similar success. But then I started to notice something… reboots were popping up everywhere! Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Announcing Nothing

GGBHey geeksters!

So two days ago Bravely Default turned four and to celebrate this Square Enix did something that Apple always does: announced an announcement. Now as someone who has to always be on the lookout for something to write about, this made me very mad and confused. They said they are going to be saying something soon, but what does that mean? Are you saying that you’re going to be making another game, trying something new entirely? Continue reading