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GW1 142 – Trailing Around

A few big trailers dropped this week that we really want to talk about, especially VenomSolo and Deadpool 2. And then there was the Cloverfield Paradox, which dropped a trailer and premiered on the same day! But there was also a lot of news this week, including a few firsts for the MCU and some interesting movie rumors. Listen now!   Continue reading GW1 142 – Trailing Around

GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

We’ve seen the mid-season finale of Vikings and there’s so much to talk about! We recap what’s been going on in the show and where we think the story is heading. But first, Kylan and Dawn let us know how things went at the reading festival and we share some news about the upcoming Oddmall. Plus there are some tidbits from the geek entertainment world that you may have missed over the past week, so we’ve got you covered. Listen now!   Continue reading GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

GW1 Issue 140 – The Terrific Threes

This week we’re at The Malted Meeple celebrating our third birthday! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for three years already… and we still get along with each other! In addition to a bit of reminiscing, Kylan brings us his first book review of the year. And we’re talking Oscar nominations – well, more like questioning, once again, a lot of the choices. Plus we come up with some categories of our own. Listen now!   Continue reading GW1 Issue 140 – The Terrific Threes

GW1 Issue 139 – It’s Electric!

Anthology tv series have made a big comeback over the past few years and Amazon has gotten into the game with the release of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. We’ve watched season one and are ready to talk about it. Plus, there’s been a lot of electricity around the premiere of Black Lightning and we have so much to discuss!  Listen now!    Continue reading GW1 Issue 139 – It’s Electric!

GW1 Issue 138 – Great Big Universe

It seems like every property wants to create a universe these days. After all, it’s been a massive success for Marvel, with the MCU, tv shows, animated series and comics all connecting in some way. DC is floundering a bit, but making the attempt. And there are others too, like the Wizarding World, Kaijus and repeatedly failing Dark Universe. So we have plenty to talk about this week. Plus, there have been interesting developments on the movie front, with some big titles shifting release dates and announcements about long-awaited productions. Listen now!    Continue reading GW1 Issue 138 – Great Big Universe