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Best Geeky Finds – Space Family Robinson

My love of campy sci-fi has never been restricted to film. Sure, there’re plenty of bad movies out there that I’ll never stop finding tire fires to enjoy. The 60s was the space age though, and everywhere you looked there was a movie about humans traveling to another planet and being attacked by an intergalactic creature. In 1965 this was especially witnessed in living rooms. Lost in Space told the story of the family of astronauts whose ship was sabotaged and shot off course in an asteroid field, left stranded on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. The US was about to enter the space race (four years before the moon landing), and this sitcom showed what the world would be like afterwards.  Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Space Family Robinson

Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

A certain legendary superhero is celebrating a major milestone this week, his 1,000th issue. No, this blog is not about that, but it does address a certain rule that he and most associated with him do follow: the “no killing” rule. The rule is, basically, regardless of how evil an individual is or what they’ve done, said hero will not end the villain’s life, at any cost. Now, think about that for a moment. On the surface it appears to be the most moral of rules. It shows respect for all life and also shows that there is another way. How wonderful is that? Or is it?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

Playing Around – Dethroning the King

High scores in video games are a big deal. I’m not talking getting your initials on the screen at your local arcade – I mean globally recognized and recorded scores. Just look at all the gaming leagues around now and it’s easy to see it can be big business. But even back in the day there was some glory to be had being one of the few to get the highest high score in a chosen arcade game. And last week, one of the kings lost his crown.  Continue reading Playing Around – Dethroning the King

Comics Cosmos – Let’s Get Lucky

If you’re interested in Marvel comics at all you’ve invariably heard of Domino (or if you’ve seen the trailer for a certain upcoming sequel). She’s been around since the 90s, most often as part of X-Force, but sometimes affiliated with other groups and, especially in recent years, a compatriot of Deadpool. Now Domino has returned in her own comic, written by the legendary Gail Simone with impressively fun art by David Baldeón.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Let’s Get Lucky

She Geek Critique – Sound of Silence

It’s hard to imagine a movie that would engross an audience to such a degree that they would make as little noise as possible while watching it. Amazingly, the low budget thriller/horror A Quiet Place manages to do just that (seriously, people weren’t even eating their popcorn!). And, as someone who loves silence in theaters, this was definitely my kind of movie.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Sound of Silence