Comics Cosmos – Devil in Blue Jeans

If your comic reading leans toward the “big two”, but you want a change of pace that doesn’t involve your typical hero types you need to check out Devil’s Due Publishing. The company has been around since 2000 and one of their best original characters is Mercy Sparx. She first appeared in 2008 and was created by Devil’s Due founder Josh Blaylock. 

Mercy is a “devil girl”, child of two demons, hailing from the underworld. This chain-smoking, whisky drinker lives on Earth in human and devil form and works undercover for Heaven. That’s right, they have demons on the payroll! Her job is to find and return fallen angels. And it is not an easy task.

The comic is definitely for adults only and the stories are a fun read. The art is fantastic too, with big shifts in light and dark images depending on whether Mercy is her red-skinned, black haired demon self or her pale-skinned, blonde human form. Though her comics have been published a bit sporadically, the Mercy Sparx Omnibus: One from 2016 collects everything to date and at 400 pages there’s plenty to read!

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