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Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

A certain legendary superhero is celebrating a major milestone this week, his 1,000th issue. No, this blog is not about that, but it does address a certain rule that he and most associated with him do follow: the “no killing” rule. The rule is, basically, regardless of how evil an individual is or what they’ve done, said hero will not end the villain’s life, at any cost. Now, think about that for a moment. On the surface it appears to be the most moral of rules. It shows respect for all life and also shows that there is another way. How wonderful is that? Or is it?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

Comics Cosmos – Let’s Get Lucky

If you’re interested in Marvel comics at all you’ve invariably heard of Domino (or if you’ve seen the trailer for a certain upcoming sequel). She’s been around since the 90s, most often as part of X-Force, but sometimes affiliated with other groups and, especially in recent years, a compatriot of Deadpool. Now Domino has returned in her own comic, written by the legendary Gail Simone with impressively fun art by David Baldeón.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Let’s Get Lucky

Best Geeky Finds – DC Keeps Holding On to Its Hero

I never read comics as a kid, but I knew who the major superheroes were from TV. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl (one of the major inspirations for me studying to be a librarian) I knew from the Adam West series and Michael Keaton movies. Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno were my Hulk. I heard the Spiderman theme everywhere despite knowing nothing about him. Yet the hero I never lost track of was Superman.  Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – DC Keeps Holding On to Its Hero

Comics Cosmos – New Heroes in Town

Mutants always seem to be getting a bad rap in the comic book worlds they inhabit. People are scared of them, government (or other) agencies want to control them, scientists want to experiment on them… and maybe they really just want to live their lives like anyone else. In Superb, from Lion Forge Comics, you get a bit of all of the usual scenarios with the twist that the mutants at issue are kids.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – New Heroes in Town

Comics Cosmos – Greatest Canadian Hero

There are a lot of people, including comic fans, who have never heard of Captain Canuck. Admittedly, he’s not as old as his American counterpart, nor have his comics been as widely available (especially in the US!), but his adventures are just as big. First published in 1975 by the small Winnipeg-based Comely Comix, Captain Canuck has been the moniker for three different heroes: Tom Evans was the original, then came Darren Oak and then David Semple. But none of the heroes had very long runs and publication of the comics was sporadic.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Greatest Canadian Hero