Playing Around – A Flippin’ Fun Game

Memory is probably one of the first card/tile games most people play. It’s easy to learn, quick to play and you don’t even need other players if you feel like going it alone. Flip & Find’s Diner, from Spontaneously Combustible Games, is a new twist on Memory that’s a lot of fun. 

“Flip and Find run a Diner that is in complete chaos. Orders are pouring in, and they can’t remember where they put their ingredients!”

And that’s where players come in to lend a hand. Game play involves flipping tiles to find the right ingredients to match the orders. Each order has a designated value and a player completing an order adds that card to their pile. There’s even a little extra cash available if a player flips a tip tile and completes an order that turn. Plus each order has a special ability that players can take advantage of (one time) once the card is in their pile. And, of course, the winner is the player who racks up the most cash from their orders!

A typical game of Flip & Find’s Diner takes less than 30 minutes to play. The game is for 1-4 players, so if you’re in the mood to fill some orders and no one is around, you can play a round on your own. The Kickstarter campaign began this week (already half funded!) and it includes a “how to play” video featuring the game creators. There’s also a free print and play version available and you can give it a go electronically on the Tabletopia website. The campaign runs until April 10 and $25 will nab you a physical copy of the game.

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