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Playing Around – Slaughter Those Pesky Kids

There’s a pretty typical scenario in the horror genre: a group of teens/college kids are out for a good time in a somewhat remote or isolated location when they come across a monster and need to fight it to survive. But why does the monster always get the short end of the stick? In Monster Slaughter the tables are turned and you get to be the monster hunting down and killing those insufferable kids!  Continue reading Playing Around – Slaughter Those Pesky Kids

GW1 Issue 127 – Playing Catch Up

The past couple weeks have brought some interesting news across the geek world. So this week we decided to play catch up and talk about some of the more interesting stories we’ve come across. From tv to movies to theme parks to cons, we have a little something for everyone this time around. Listen now!  Continue reading GW1 Issue 127 – Playing Catch Up

Playing Around – The Pleasure of Purgatory

Who doesn’t love a good scare? (Ok, so there are some people who can be complete wusses about that kind of thing, but bare with me.) And we all know some of the best scares are ones we have an active role in creating. So what better way to get the most fun out of a scare than playing a spooky RPG? You can do that very soon with Purgatory House: A Casual Horror Role-Playing Game, now on kickstarterContinue reading Playing Around – The Pleasure of Purgatory

Playing Around – Happy Adventures With Cyanide

If you’re into pop culture and web comics, you no doubt know about Cyanide & Happiness. If you don’t recognize it by name, you will definitely recognize the stick figure characters. Well now that dark humor is going to be available in video game form. Yes, you will soon be able to play in the world of C&H with The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure GameContinue reading Playing Around – Happy Adventures With Cyanide

Irregular’s Intel – Kickstarters

Over the past year my household has given a bit of support to Kickstarter campaigns. We’ve supported artists, musicians, game developers and a host of other endeavors (even cricket protein bars… that was the wife’s idea). It got me to thinking. Kickstarter (and other forms of crowd funding) is a great way for us to take an active role in what we enjoy. It’s no longer just buying the game at the store, it is getting a bit of a reward for donating to the effort of getting it off the ground. It is being there as that newest album takes shape or helping an artist bring a dream to life. It is the opportunity to put a bit of yourself into what you enjoy.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Kickstarters