GW1 Issue 100 – Keepin’ It Steamy

It’s our 100th issue! Time to do a bit of reminiscing about what we’ve enjoyed and experienced over the past 100 episodes. So many things we never thought we’d be doing and so many friends we’ve made along the way.

Then we have details on a great new RPG involving goblins from our pal Robert Turk. Of course, Star Wars Celebration was last weekend, so we need to talk about that a little. And the second half of this issue is a great interview with Aloysius Fox, proprietor of the International Steampunk Symposium.  Listen now! 

Gaming – Doing some play testing on Goblonia 

Star Wars Celebration – discussion on The Last Jedi panel and the 40th anniversary panel

Interview with Aloysious Fox – talking about the International Steampunk Symposium, guests and goings on, and living the steampunk life


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