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GW1 Issue 108 – It’s All a Front

We’re a little all over the place this week, but you can probably tell we had a good time. After a very brief update of our goings on, we get into myriad tv shows we’ve watched from the 80s through to today (and some crazy plot lines), what we like/don’t like about movie trailers and why detailed origin story movies aren’t necessary. We also say farewell to a Bat icon and talk Star Wars costumes. Listen now! 

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Irregular’s Intel – Summer Flings

As school starts to wind down and the heat starts to crank up, we’ll be inundated with suggestions for summer reading and summer series to watch and all that jazz. I think that’s all well and good, but these lists are usually filled with books I wouldn’t read even if I was paid to! But, because my TBR list stretches all of Route 66 and part of Electric Avenue, I decided that I am going to dedicate this summer to something I have not done in 4 years, or so… I am binging all of the Rogue Squadron novels!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Summer Flings

GW1 Issue 100 – Keepin’ It Steamy

It’s our 100th issue! Time to do a bit of reminiscing about what we’ve enjoyed and experienced over the past 100 episodes. So many things we never thought we’d be doing and so many friends we’ve made along the way.

Then we have details on a great new RPG involving goblins from our pal Robert Turk. Of course, Star Wars Celebration was last weekend, so we need to talk about that a little. And the second half of this issue is a great interview with Aloysius Fox, proprietor of the International Steampunk Symposium.  Listen now!  Continue reading GW1 Issue 100 – Keepin’ It Steamy

Best Geeky Finds – Ewok and Roll: Looking Back at the Ewok Movies

Blog-BGFReaders, I am about to tell you something about my life that may make you think differently about this blogger: as a child I was unaware of Star Wars. I have never watched a single major Star Wars movie or cartoon, read any EU books, or was even aware that something called Star Wars existed. I saw R2D2 and C3PO on the Muppet show with Mark Hamill, but did not understand their importance. I don’t remember if friends tried to talk to me about the franchise, but if they did I imagine I had little to say and wandered off. Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Ewok and Roll: Looking Back at the Ewok Movies

V-Yellow’s Comic Box – Year-End Round-Up

VernComicThis year treated us to a lot of comic book shows and films. With television shows and movies such as Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Ant-Man, The Avengers Age of Ultron, Jessica Jones and iZombie, and they ended the year off right with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There was even a video game that has heavily based on the DC comic universe, Batman Arkham Knight. We also had a letdown with the Fantastic Four disappointment,but mostly fans have had a good time this year. Continue reading V-Yellow’s Comic Box – Year-End Round-Up