GW1 Issue 108 – It’s All a Front

We’re a little all over the place this week, but you can probably tell we had a good time. After a very brief update of our goings on, we get into myriad tv shows we’ve watched from the 80s through to today (and some crazy plot lines), what we like/don’t like about movie trailers and why detailed origin story movies aren’t necessary. We also say farewell to a Bat icon and talk Star Wars costumes. Listen now! 


What we’ve been up to – stunt work in Kentucky, cable swapping

Digression on TV shows24, Doctor Who, Melrose Place, Highlander, Supernatural, BSG

NewsBlack Panther trailer (and the good and bad of recent trailers), The Mummy (and why the earlier movies are better), RIP Adam West, Star Wars costume exhibit


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