She Geek Critique – All the Whos (or at Least Three of Them)

This time of year is emotional for many people for a lot of reasons. And with Christmas only two weeks away, we all know what that means: a Doctor Who Christmas special! Laughter, tears, joy, heart-wrenching goodbyes… it’s all there. As a Whovian, I much prefer the company of those traveling in the TARDIS at Christmas than any family time! 

Over the past few years I have looked forward to Christmas day less and less for the festivities and more for the Doctor. And this year there’s even bigger anticipation, with One meeting Twelve, Twelve regenerating and the first appearance of Thirteen! (If you’re a Whovian, that sentence makes complete sense!) Plus, for me, I don’t have to deal with non-geek family members interrupting my enjoyment of the special because hubby and I are home alone for Christmas this year!

So here’s to the joy of anticipation in opening that big geeky present by flipping on BBC America Christmas afternoon and reveling in the experience that only the Doctor can provide.

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