Best Geeky Finds – In an Mmmbop They’re Gone (Or Were They?)

Twenty years ago, “Mmmbop” was heard for the first time on top-40 radio stations. Hanson took the world by storm, as teenagers everywhere became hooked on their music (well, at least a good chunk of them). I was one of those people (everybody I knew at the time was not). It seems strange that Hanson has been making music for this long, especially considering they had made an album prior to Middle of Nowhere that was never released in the US.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – A Little Musical Soul for Halloween Haunts

Blog-BGFA perk of my job is that I can easily pop my ear buds in and listen to podcasts all day. While I listen to my shows however, another coworker has the localish top 40 oldies radio station playing in the background. One thing I have learned from listening to FM hits radio, especially since starting this job, is that these radio stations often have a short list of daily songs. This is usually even more limited during holidays.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Lindsey Stirling is Certainly Brave Enough

Blog-BGFWhen I was a kid I was exposed to a multitude of different music, often artists my classmates had never heard of. I would mention attending a Pete Seeger concert and, if I was lucky, I would get corrected “Bob Seger.” As a result, in high school I was confused when, at a school show choir concert, a student came on stage with an electric fiddle. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that a fiddle was incorporated into the piece, but that not only did an electric fiddle exist, but that somebody my age played one. Now of course, she didn’t simply just play the fiddle. She was a violinist. Continue reading