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Irregular’s Intel – When Did Being Educated Become Being Elitist?

Earlier this week I was talking to a dear friend who was lamenting about the down stream effects of not knowing your history. This then evolved into not valuing education. I know that going to an institution of higher learning is damn expensive. Definitely more than it was when I was in school over 25 years ago. In the last several years I’ve seen schools pop up that are more along the lines of trade schools. They are good in that they are able to provide training to get individuals into the workforce quickly and get them earning decent wages without the hefty price tag of a 4 year degree. But I can’t help but wonder are we missing something be doing away with teaching the humanities. I may be wrong, but the schools focus on teaching their students a trade or career, not how to process information from various disciplines. Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – When Did Being Educated Become Being Elitist?

Irregular’s Intel – Let’s Talk About Polymaths

IrregularIntelOxford Dictionary defines a polymath as “A person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning”. It is a concept that is born out of The Enlightenment idea of The Universal Man or The Renaissance Man. The great thinkers of that time felt that it was a human’s duty to push yourself to be the best that you can be at various endeavors. One should be knowledgeable in social graces, the ways of war, skilled in music, and a writer of poetry and scholarly essays. There were many who embraced this ideal and strove to live by it. Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo are two examples of famous polymaths of their time.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Let’s Talk About Polymaths