She Geek Critique – Just Your Average Moon Heist

The idea of living on the moon has been in mankind’s collective thought since it first realized there were other planets and such aside from Earth and maybe we could get to them. Of course, sci-fi books, movies and television have explored the idea almost since the beginning as well. In the forthcoming novel Artemis by Andy Weir, Earth has managed to establish a city on the moon. It’s a great place to live or visit – as long as you have the money for it.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – It’s All Connected

He solved the mystery of MacDuff’s sofa. He’s traveled through time to stop murders. He’s worked with the police on a case involving a blood contract with a scythe-wielding green-eyed monster. He knows Thor!

He is Svlad Cjelli, also known as Dirk Gently, and he is a holistic detective.  Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – The Usefulness of Imagination

A few years ago I was at a family reading festival and my book club was present, giving away free books… it’s how we roll. So, as the day progresses, we talk to people to find out their reading preferences to guide them to either what they’re looking for or something close. I remember chatting with one person who looked at the books and at me with an air of superiority and said “I only read NON-fiction,” and rolled their eyes as they walked away. I remember feeling a little dirty and wanting to challenge them to a duel, but they left quickly and dueling is currently illegal so…  Continue reading

Playing Around – The Pleasure of Purgatory

Who doesn’t love a good scare? (Ok, so there are some people who can be complete wusses about that kind of thing, but bare with me.) And we all know some of the best scares are ones we have an active role in creating. So what better way to get the most fun out of a scare than playing a spooky RPG? You can do that very soon with Purgatory House: A Casual Horror Role-Playing Game, now on kickstarterContinue reading

Comics Cosmos – A Dog’s Life

Even if you don’t know much about the Inhumans, one member you are likely already familiar with is Lockjaw. You may not know him by name or what his status or powers are, but if nothing else, you know he’s the giant dog. If that’s the case or if you want a refresher on the best dog in the Marvel universe, the Lockjaw: Dog Days collection is what you need.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – No Place Like Home

They say there’s no going home and it’s true. Not in a physical sense, of course, presuming the place in question is still standing. But life brings change and people are never the same as when they left. So home, as you remember it, no longer exists. But sometimes there’s nothing quite like visiting old haunts.  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – Get a Clue

Was it Professor Plum in the library with the wrench? Or maybe it was Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the candlestick. Yes, we all recall the characters and scenarios of the classic “who dunnit” board game Clue. And now, continuing a partnership that brought comic book versions of Transformers and My Little Pony, IDW is working with Hasbro to bring the mystery to life once more with a Clue comic book series.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Trying to Keep Up

With everything going on in daily life, it is often difficult to keep up with hobbies and interests. Sure, hobbies are supposed to be casual and enjoyable like writing, painting, reading, hiking, baking and the like. But when your interests are constantly updating and hobbies involve timeframes, you can lose track and things pile up before you know it.  Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Going Down to the Crossroads

Back in 1986 there was a quiet movie that came and went and I don’t think that it really made a blip on most people’s radar, but the critics liked it and it stuck with me. That movie was Crossroads with Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca and Jami Gertz. It was, in my opinion, the ideal movie to show someone if they are beginning to get a taste for the blues and want to understand the culture that surrounds it. This was at a time when blues was kinda starting to seep its way into pop music. Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Jeff Healey and the Fabulous Thunderbirds were all on the Top 40 chart at or around this time, so the blues did have a familiar sound for people who thought that they were uninitiated.  Continue reading