Whatz Your Geek? – Kamerin from The Gamer Geek Blog

VickyThis week I sat down with our resident video game geek Kamerin. He writes The Gamer Geek Blog here on geekwatchone.com. Let’s find out his geek.

V: Whatz your geek?
K: Video games and Anime sometimes.

V: PC or Console?
K: Yes. PC to an extent, because some PC people can be mean. So you have to pick and choose what communities you go into. Continue reading

V-Yellow’s Comic Box – iZombie Anyone?

VernComicIs anybody else excited for the new season of iZombie? I know I am. With the lineup up of DC television shows this fall fans will never have a dull moment – The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham, and DC Vertigo’s iZombie. I’m pretty sure we’ll do some podcast at some point about all of these shows but for now I just wanted to discuss my interest in iZombie. Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – A Proud Product of Disney

Blog-MissDawnsMusingsI had a realization not long ago that Disney played a large role in making me the geek I am today.

I’ve been a Disney freak since as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I saw all the movies, watched the weekly television show and went on family trips to Florida almost every year. It’s at the point where I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve been to Walt Disney World, though I know it’s more than a dozen.

So anyway, my fandoms include sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, steampunk and cephalopods (I said “include”… there are others). Though there were other influences that solidified these for me in my formative years, so to speak, my first memory of each is via Disney and to a large extent The Magic Kingdom. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Holding Out for Hiro

bestgeekyfindsA few weeks ago I came across a newspaper article reviewing new Fall series which said that those who remembered the first season of Heroes fondly were eager for Heroes Reborn; those who remembered the other seasons were not. While I realize there were issues with story and writing during seasons 2-4, I enjoyed all the stories involved with these characters until the end. So when 8 p.m. on Thursday came, I was ready to see what new journeys those characters that came back would have. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Probably the Most Authentic Blog Post You’ll Ever Read

IrregularIntelSooo, let’s see…I can go witty, but I did that two posts ago. I can go deep and philosophical…but I did that with the last one and I don’t want to sound like THAT geek. Hmm…how about something fun? Ok…let’s see…what’s fun? Video games…but I don’t really play the new stuff…comics are, but I talk about that all of the time on the show…Kung Fu movies are…but I can go on and on…and that stops being fun for everyone else…burlesque shows are fun…but that might rub some people the wrong way…ha ha ha I said “might”. Music? Really?! That’s three chapters of just laying down a foundation…gah…I can’t come up with anything…not true, I can, but then it gets knocked out of my head by the 30 other things I want to talk about, but can’t settle on…so here I am, at my laptop, hammering this piece of FINE literature out for your guys to read and realize just how goofy I am!! Well, I did just finish watching Heroes Reborn and that was fun…but, I’m enjoying this stream of consciousness that I’m laying down…who knows? I just might change someone’s life…probably not. Hey!! A squirrel!!!

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The Gamer Geek Blog – Tokyo Game Show

GamerGeekHey Geeksters!

It didn’t come to my attention until after the fact that the Tokyo Game Show was this past weekend. Normally I’d break down what happened from each publisher, but as the name implies most of the titles will be for Japan. However some things are worth mentioning since they will come state side.

Capcom did as predicted and released a new character for Street Fighter 5, Karin. If you don’t remember, Karin was in the alpha 3 games. Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Female Hero Revolution


Is there a female hero revolution in the works? Over the past few years, “strong female character” has become a desired label on tv shows, in movies and in books. It seems now that it’s finally becoming commonplace and rarely needs to be said. Yet there is still the need for the Bectal test (and, even better, the sexy lamp test, thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick) and progress is slow. But I think it’s getting somewhere and partly that’s due to an increased female fan base (because women can be geeks too!) and a more open-minded media industry. Things are finally catching up to the real world! Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Catch Me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh

bestgeekyfindsIt’s the same dream every night. You’re enjoying a day at the beach with all of your closest friends, having lunch the way it was meant to be eaten — from a picnic basket. Nothing could go wrong. Then you look over at the lake. Before you can think about what is happening, three crocodiles come at you and your friends, intent on their own lunch. This is your worst fear, and has been the nightmare possessing your mind for the past week.

Your Protectors of the Night must have their work cut out for them if so many Nightmares are able to feed. Nightmares — demonic beings that infiltrate our minds and feed on our fears, forcing us to think of these when our minds are vulnerable — would be extremely powerful, creating constant fear if it were not for the Dreamcatchers and Dreamweavers assigned to everybody. These protectors combat the Nightmares and create pleasant dreams to replace the fears in our minds. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Does Diversity matter?

IrregularIntelIn geek culture we hold our fictional characters with a certain degree of sacred reverence. These individuals were the ones we could relate to in a world that largely misunderstood us. They speak our language, face similar life challenges, but blast through them with relative ease. So, it is understandable that when there’s an opportunity to see them portrayed on the big or small screen, we want as much authenticity as possible. It is part of the entire package for us. It is possibly our favorite novel/game/comic being brought to life, so everything has to be right, right? Or does it? Continue reading