Comics Cosmos – Let’s Get Serious

ccI am not usually into “serious” superhero comics. Don’t get me wrong, I do read comics that would not be considered “fun” (like Outcast), but when it comes to heroes, I prefer things a little less serious (Deadpool is my favorite character, after all). But there are a couple of books on my pull list that qualify, especially The Ultimates. Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Calm the F Down

Blog-MDMLast week there was a major reveal in the new Captain America comic. For geeks living under a rock, the last page of the book had Captain America saying “Hail Hydra”. Obviously a huge twist and could mean major things for the character. So, of course, geeks took to the interwebs immediately to decry the horror of such a phrase coming from a beloved character. (As an aside, it really ticked me off that everyone threw the “no spoilers” cry aside and posted about this from early morning, before the majority of people could even get to their comic shop and buy the issue. Also, the loudest complainers seemed to be those who don’t even read comics!) Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – You Must Remember This

Blog-BGFDid you ever wonder how Howard Hughes had so many lovers at the same time while being neurotic about everything?

How about the strange public life of Madonna and Warren Beatty before her relationship with Sean Penn?

Do you know about the mysterious connections between Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon and Brandon Lee’s The Crow? Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – For Azeroth (and All Geekdoms)!

Blog-IIEarlier this week, we shared a meme on the GWI Facebook page that called on all veteran players of WoW to prepare for the influx of new players to come because of the movie. They also asked that the experienced players take this opportunity to show patience and kindness… to engender an atmosphere of acceptance. I have to admit, reading that made me stop and take a look at myself. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – I Miss Ninjas

Blog-IIThere was a time when you couldn’t walk two feet without seeing a book, movie, or image of those black clad masters of espionage and assassination. For some reason they flourished in the 80s. There were novels, tv shows, movies, comics, and numerous video games that featured their presence. I devoured all of it that I could. Looking back, a lot of it was stupid, but that didn’t matter. Continue reading

Into the Unknown – Media and the Ringing

UnknownLogoGoing to the moon was built on pride. Technology had jumped in leaps and bounds. Now it’s like we are scared to go back. We are scared of everything now. Fear controls us as a society now a days. After WWII ended in 1945 we became fearless and 24 years later we landed on the moon. With the leaps and bounds we had done in that short amount of time, you think we would have global peace and found our way farther into space. But seems that there is a type of cold, silent war going on, where everyone is scared of everything, from their neighbors to food to vaccines.  Continue reading