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Comics Cosmos – Not Your Typical Hero

Diversity and representation are important considerations these days, even in comics. But it’s not just the big publishers that are trying to be more inclusive with different genders, races and orientations of characters. Independent and creator owned publications are jumping in, often with characters and storylines larger companies shy away from. One of those would be the turban-wearing, Elvis-loving, secret agent of Super SikhContinue reading Comics Cosmos – Not Your Typical Hero

Irregular’s Intel – Representation Counts

We live in a time where every notion or concept has a hashtag. It can get to the point where it becomes overwhelming, or tedious even. That’s not to say that they don’t have meaning, but to address all of them would take a full 140 characters by itself! But I digress. Yesterday, my brother posted something on his FB that caught my eye – an African American male cosplaying as Batman. Now this, in and of itself, was not new to me. But to read his story I was reminded of how black kids could not be Batman, Superman, Captain America or Doctor Strange because we didn’t look like them. We could be Spider-Man, Iron Man or anyone black because either you couldn’t see who was under the mask or armor or they looked like us. Being kids we didn’t know better, but it did kinda suck, to be honest about it all.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Representation Counts

Miss Dawn’s Musings – We Are Diversity

Geeks are one of the most open, welcoming and diverse people you will ever find. “What?” You ask. “How can that be? They’re so focused on their interests and seem to want to keep people out.” Wow, you really don’t know many geeks, do you? Here’s why I think we are the epitome of diversity.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – We Are Diversity

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Acceptance and Inclusivity

Blog-MDMThere has been a lot of negativity lately, in the world in general and in the geek realm more specifically. The hate, the sexism, the racism, the homophobia… you can’t avoid seeing it or hearing about it. But in most cases (thankfully) it’s a vocal minority creating these issues. The majority of the geek world is rather accepting, open-minded and inclusive. And the best place to experience that is at cons when you’re surrounded by your tribe.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Acceptance and Inclusivity

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Female Hero Revolution


Is there a female hero revolution in the works? Over the past few years, “strong female character” has become a desired label on tv shows, in movies and in books. It seems now that it’s finally becoming commonplace and rarely needs to be said. Yet there is still the need for the Bectal test (and, even better, the sexy lamp test, thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick) and progress is slow. But I think it’s getting somewhere and partly that’s due to an increased female fan base (because women can be geeks too!) and a more open-minded media industry. Things are finally catching up to the real world! Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Female Hero Revolution